Are 1-1 Consultations for you?

Consultancy is suitable for Creative Startups or creative individuals looking for bespoke guidance and support with their business and career. The advantage of consultations is that you are able to tailor each session to suit your needs. We are able to cover all areas of running your business including Quoting & Invoicing, Social Media, Branding, Pitching and Marketing.


If you have any questions about our consultancy or online courses then please do get in touch. Why not read a few of our testimonials from our clients?


Dee Campling

Interior Designer & Stylist

I have been having some 1-1 mentoring with Pippa on a couple of aspects of running a creative business that I’m not so strong on. Pippa listened carefully to my issues and offered calm, practical and non-judgemental advice on how to proceed. Pippa is so experienced in the business I feel that she totally understands, and I can fully rely on her advice. As well as being experienced, Pippa is able to deliver her help it in such a friendly, supportive way. I always feel quietly confident and empowered after speaking to her.

Fig Tart

Original Print business

Our session with Pippa was just as we were due to launch our business. She had prepped, primed and sent us a full briefing document prior to the session, which clearly outlined all the areas she was able to provide insight in to. We talked about our story, branding, imagery, content and marketing - all the bases! Pippa was kind and encouraging, whilst offering constructive feedback. She gave us loads to think about and we are very grateful for her insight.
Thank you Pippa!

Sam Sweet

Lighting & glassware business

The comprehensive preparation you had done before hand meant that our session got off to a flying start, was very fruitful and extremely valuable. You have given me lots of vital information to work through, I am a lot clearer about my next steps now. I’m really glad I got to talk to you at the beginning of my journey with my next product range, it will help me approach the product launch with confidence and a lot more professionalism.