The focal point of the online courses is to equip creatives with the tools and skills to market themselves effectively and maintain a successful business.

The courses are most suited to start-ups launching in the creative field looking for guidance with; branding, marketing and online presence and creatives working in the following industries: Online Homeware businesses, Interior Designers, Fashion & Interior Stylists, make-up artists, Props Makers, Set Designers, Interior graduates.

What will you take away from the courses?

  • Develop your creative business skills and acumen

  • Better Time Management

  • A strong online presence for your business

  • Demonstrated Self-Motivation

  • Access to Expertise

  • Save time and money with free templates and contracts

  • Exclusive access to Pippa’s private Facebook group, providing a space for creatives to exchange ideas and to seek advice and support if needed

About Pippa

Over the course of her diverse and creative career spanning 25 years, Pippa Jameson has overseen all manner of innovative projects including Interiors Editor for leading interior magazines, TV Designer for ITV1 and BBC, Art Directing for Next Home and launching Dulux Colour of the Year. Whether it’s writing the curriculum for the British College of Interior Design, organising set designs for Team GB and DFS or working as an International Stylist for leading paint brands in Asia, Pippa possesses expertise unmatched in the industry.


Marianne Shillingford

Creative Director, Dulux

“Working with Pippa is always a joy. Her can-do creativity and unflappable resolve is the bedrock of any successful project, and she has proved to be the magic ingredient that breathes life into the visual stories we tell about colour. I can’t recommend her highly enough and consider her to be one of the very best in the business.”

Emma Hearne

Shoot Director, Next

“Pippa is an absolute pleasure to work with, truly creative and organised. Whatever the brief given, I find that her approach is always professional, and the results are beautiful. The creative teams that Pippa puts together are also exceptional, full of hard-working professionals and I always enjoy being on set with the team.”

Dee Campling

Interior Designer

I have been having someone to one mentoring with Pippa on a couple of aspects of running a creative business that I’m not so strong on. Pippa listened carefully to my issues and offered calm, practical, and non-judgemental advice on how to proceed. Pippa is so experienced in the business I feel that she totally understands and I can fully rely on her advice. As well as being experienced, Pippa is able to deliver her help it in such a friendly, supportive way. I always feel quietly confident and empowered after speaking to her.

Fig Art

Molly Sayers

Our session with Pippa was just as we were due to launch our business. She had prepped, primed, and sent us a full briefing document prior to the session, which clearly outlined all the areas she was able to provide insight in to. We talked about our story, branding, imagery, content, and marketing - all the bases! Pippa was kind and encouraging, whilst offering constructive feedback. She gave us loads to think about and we are very grateful for her insight. Thank you Pippa!

Samantha Sweet Glass

Samantha Sweet

The comprehensive preparation you had done beforehand meant that our session got off to a flying start, was very fruitful and extremely valuable. You given me lots of vital information to work through, I am a lot clearer about my next steps now. I’m really glad I got to talk to you at the beginning of my journey with my next product range, it will help me approach the product launch with confidence and a lot more professionalism.


Uncovering the distinctive quality of your business that sets it apart from your competitors is imperative. Whether it’s the service you provide to your customers or the unique angle of your business, drawing out the most eye-catching factor and putting it centre stage is crucial to your success. You will learn how to identify your USP, recognise your target market and discover who your competitors are.


This course will guide you through the essential stages of constructing an easy-to-find, vibrant online presence for yourself and your business. You will learn how to tell the story of your company and create appropriate branding, develop your website and portfolio as well establishing and updating multiple social media platforms. Utilising every tool at your disposal will take your online influence to new heights.


The voice of your venture must flow through all of your company’s communications both internal and external. Nailing down the brief for each client, conducting research and moodboarding sessions as well as managing the expectations of your customers will be a cornerstone of the course’s teachings.